Doctor Zamenhof
C11/22 CAM PLANTS SECRET is the name of a capsule collection created using denim & polyester recycled textiles. This project was created by the creative studio: Doctor Zamenhof. CAM plants have developed a specialised mode of photosynthesis that allows them to grow while only consuming half of what they should. Adapting this concept to a fashion collection, Doctor Zamenhof presents a serie of garments focus on the sustainable idea of "creating the double with half".
In this sense, I was asked to create an artwork destined to be part of a reversible jacket.
The aesthetics - particularly the colors and contrasts- were informed directly by the forms of the CAM plants (among which are agave, nopal and pineapple), inspiring the graphic language of the final artwork proposed for this project.
C11/22 Capsule Collection · Doctor Zamenhof
Softly, the composition varied from the sketch to the final hand painted artwork on clothing. This fact was due to the manual skills required for this work and the final fabrics and texture of the garment.
In another sense, all these human conditions offered a final result full of an organic and vivid sense related with the original inspiration: CAM Plants, natural beings and life.

If you liked this project, you can see more of my work going through my web or my Instagram. 


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