Illustration and graphic design for the korean literature based event Corea en palabras (Korea in words) curated by the Korean Cultural Center in Spain.

The design was applied into different digital and physical products like: Poster, bookmarks, tote bags and social media (official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, digital signage...).

Here you can check the full programme of the event that took place in Matadero de MadridLibrería Cervantes y Compañía and El Libro Imposible.
Below some details of the design related to the reading act and the culture of Korea: Some traditional dishes (bibimbap) and costumes, the Joseon Dynasty, some millennial dances and singings (like Talchum and Pansori), the national flower named Hibiscus syriacus, the korean calligraphy pen, the ginseng plant, a temple based on the Hyangwonjeong Pavilion of Gyeongbokgung Palace, the rabbit and the butterfly (symbolic animals in Korea) plus some figures inspired in the paintings of the historical ancient artist Kim Hong-do (1745-1806).
The aim of the following linear adaption was to be printed into a textile tote bag by serigraphy technique.
Below, some of the graphic designs made for social media which purpose was to announce the programe of the event (talks with authors and reading clubs).

Below, banners and thumbnails for web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter...

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